Can Wealthy Affiliate University Teach ANYONE to Build a Successful Home Business Online?

jdHi my name is Roger, and as an ex-IT professional and now business owner/entrepreneur I’ve seen a fair share of business ideas and scams floating around both in the online world.

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate University I was absolutely sick and tired of spending money on every single product which provided me with a STACK of empty promises and lies. So, I really didn’t want to join Wealthy Affiliate either.

I really thought WA was just another lot of hype! The fact is that I spent hundreds of $$$ on products out there that claim they will help you be the next millionaire and all I ended up with was what you see on your right.

These products eventually becomes a part of my digital junk on the computer and once again I’ve wasted another $47, $77, $97 or even more. Sorry to be blunt, but I’m here to tell you how it is, if you know what I mean.wa_university_495x95

To be honest, I’ve seen more than my fair share of money making programs, schemes, and scams out there. But after reading many other WA reviews, I decided to really give this one last crack. And you know what?

You’ll see why in a moment, but honestly, there are several reasons why the Wealthy Affiliate program truly did separate itself from the conventional money making program you may be used to seeing. I’ll discuss what those reasons are along with some of the things that you may not like about this community as well.

Reason #1: The Community, Private Coaching & Support

Look, we all need coaches, and a successful community and network If you’re going succeed. Just look at your favourite football team – how many coaches do they have? How many support staff do they have? and how many people are their involved to help the any team succeed. Why would it be any different to you? s

Initially what got me to join Wealthy Affiliate University was the fact that I got a step by step weekly action plan and an incredibly active forum. I was told I could get answers to my questions within minutes, literally.

But the real “X-factor” that finally pushed me over the edge and this is probably the most important factor, is that I could get personal coaching (at no extra cost) from Kyle and Carson, the actual creators of Wealthy Affiliate. Both of who are also hugely successful Internet Marketers and online business owners themselves.

From my prior research, other personal coaching services within this industry can cost you $5,000 or more. That certainly put Wealthy Affiliate in perspective. To me that placed it on top of the list in terms of value and bang for your buck!

I guess I had to give it a shot. After all this wasn’t just another book, it was a community of like minded people, just like a real university. I thought if I could get access to peoples knowledge, people who have already made it in Internet Marketing and online business, then I knew if I could just replicate their methods and techniques, then I could easily make a small fortune online myself.

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Reason #2: The Step-by-Step Action Plan

Before I went to join Wealthy Affiliate I had purchased so many books that really where just bits and pieces of what’s included in the Wealthy Affiliate action plan.

Now let me tell you what makes my personal clients succeed when I’m training them physically – it’s a step by step action plan on what they have to do. Whether it be lose weight or gain muscle they know exactly what they have to do 12 weeks at a time.

But we’re talking online business right? Well in addition to the step by step action plan offered, there are other beginner, intermediate and advanced resources available at Wealthy Affiliate which offered me many more insights than other guides I purchased previously. Their action plan guided me all the way so that I had income coming in within a month of starting.

Regardless if you’re new to the Internet or an experienced player the Action plan is a must and I’ve found that a lot of books fail to provide you with this. This plan will actually make you take the actions and do the things required to make money on the Internet and continue to build your business.

Really, I’ve never found this much insider information anywhere else. I believe that the weekly action plan alone was enough for me to get going, and definitely paid for my membership many times over.

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Reason #3: The FREE and Easy to Copy Method

The weekly webinars and courses I had access too as a Wealthy Affiliate member introduced everything I needed to be able to market someone else’s product and make a profit. Yes, I didn’t even need my own product to sell, I could actually help sell other people products and make money from that.

It didn’t happen overnight, and originally took me months, before I made my first sale, back in 2008. But after a few months with WA I’d built and developed my campaigns (with access to two free websites that they gave me) and the sales started coming in like wild fire. To my absolute delight, the flood gates had opened.

I was comfortable with what I was doing and I knew that it was just a matter of replicating the actions of what others had already done and what I was already doing to make money.

Here is how I did it, and How YOU can too – I found a product that I was interest in (you guess yes it was a health and fitness product), Then, I put simply I found a niche group of people looking for a solution on the best way to lose weight.

Then by following the FREE “article marketing” methods taught by WA, I implemented the steps that I learnt and really, success was just a matter of time before income started coming in and continued to grow.

clickbank-statement-102018The proof of my earnings are from some of the first few campaigns, but I’m not here to brag, I’m here to help you make a decision on why you would join Wealthy Affiliate. Having said that, if I could do it once then I could do it again right? By rinsing and repeating I applied the same actions described above to produce even more passive income.

Now, article marketing is not a new thing, However, what differed with the Wealthy Affiliate program was that I got full support from the forum and from Kyle and Carson (the owners and successful article marketers themselves) – and we all need successful coaches, right?

Having their direct support meant I could ask them the questions that stumbled me and I know stumble many people who try this business. By tapping into the minds of successful article marketers themselves, I knew exactly how to communicate to my customers so they would buy and why exactly they would buy, and this is probably the most important factor.

Bottom line… that’s what helped me a lot in my online business, that’s what helped me succeed. Support, amazing courses, weekly webinars and having many people in the community who knew the ropes gave me a huge advantage when it came to building an Internet marketing business.

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Reason #4: Real People, Real Success!

I just want to show you some real screenshots and proof of Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials from the members forum and their posts of success, in the ‘General Success’ section of the forum. This is enough to get anyone motivated to learn from what other people are doing and how they’re succeeding with affiliate and Internet marketing.

$10,000 per month with bum marketing

She posted this up in the General Success forum in praise and that’s understandable. It’s quite an achievement considering she has done it all through Article marketing (also known as Bum marketing because it’s free) which is the same way I have created much of my success.

“$700 per day in 3 months”

“Would you like to be part of the $10,000 per month club?”

“…or maybe even the $60,000 per month club?”

The last post above is absolutely amazing! The information and praise that he gave to Wealthy Affiliate was just to much to include, but as you can see he is currently earning around $2,500 per day. Just have a look at the Sales subtotals – that’s a combined $58,000 in just one month.

Amazing right? But one thing, if you’re looking for an easy way to make money, go live in dreamland. Like any successful venture I’m here to tell you that it will take some grunt, but it is going to be simple if you just follow their educations and systems. This proof of income is not typical of the average user, just typical of those who work for it a little and never give in.

Find Out More and Read More Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

The Wealthy Affiliate Issues

With so many money making scams out there many people are asking is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam? – Can it really be so flawless? Well, the answer is No. Wealthy Affiliate does have it’s flaws.

What issues has WA got then? Well, basically it has a few spelling and grammer errors in the material, rarely, but with that much material included it’s bound too. But who cares… you’re not there for an English lesson. I’m crap at English and there is probably a few mistakes in this review, but I certainly don’t attribute my success to perfect English.

There is also an overwhelming amount of information there so people may start getting confused, side tracked and lose focus. But that’s where there actions plans and logical training tutorials will help keep you focused. Worst comes to worse you can always ask for help from the private coaching or forum.

Now, the real reason people will start thinking Wealthy Affiliate is a scam is that they won’t make money from it, They may have a half hearted attempt for 1 day, 1 week or even a month, make little or no money, give up and then blame WA.

Once again that it is not a ‘get rich overnight’ scheme. It’s a business. WA is an investment in your education, your business, your future and your life. Just like any other university is, the only difference here is that you can earn while you learn and you don’t have to drive away from home.

Remember, what I said earlier about the “free article marketing method”? This is going to be making me a fortune in years to come. But only because I figured out the right way through WA on how to make it work. Do it wrong and you could lose hundreds of dollars and time.

If you’re prepared to take control and create your fortune filled online business then check out this amazing Wealthy Affiliate Bonus, which I will send you right after you sign up.

My Final Verdict

Well, you don’t need Wealthy Affiliate to become successful online, but it will certainly give you the advantage over the competition and kick start that many others would die for.

They sum it up perfectly, if you go to the Wealthy Affiliate website, you’ll see how they compare education costs and potential income from different professions.

The best example is, a Business degree might cost you up to $80,000 and in return you may be only earning $40,000 after 5 years. Where as with an Internet Marketing career or online business you can actually earn while you learn and be earning $100,000+ within a year or less.

You’ve now got a pretty good idea of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Now it’s up to you to decide what you want to do. Do you want to create a dream lifestyle working when ever you want, and where ever you want?

Wealthy Affiliate University continues to updates their tools and learning materials regularly. They’re unlike many books that you may waste your time and money and be out of date within the week. The WA community of support always gives you the most up-to-date Internet Marketing tricks, online business methods and education around today.

Remember, It’s an open education project and community… not just another book!

Thanks for reading my comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review and letting me share my experiences with you today. I’m sure you can’t wait to get started and begin to create the wealth and happiness you deserve. I hope to see you inside!