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Date: Friday 24th of October 2014
Re: Wealthy Affiliate University

Hi my name is Roger, and as a successful personal trainer and business owner, I've seen a fair share of business ideas and scams floating around both in the offline and the online world. Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate University I was absolutely sick and tired of spending money on every single product which provided me with a STACK of empty promises and lies. So, I really didn't want to join Wealthy Affiliate either.

I really thought WA was just another lot of hype! The fact is that there are thousands of products out there that claim they will help you be the next millionaire, so what do you do? You buy the product, maybe read it, and really they just tell you the theory, which most of the time is rehased crap anyway. Then you're left in the lurch and have no idea where to go. The product eventually becomes a part of digital junk on your computer and once again you've wasted another $47, $77, $97 or even more - true? Sorry to be blunt, but I'm here to tell you how it is.

So, after years of making money from my websites and seeing more than my fair share of money making programs, schemes, and scams out there I was happily relieved to find this amazing community, but does Wealthy Affiliate really work for everyone?

Sign up on your right and I'll give you my honest opinion and why people are crying scam! Plus you will get a few freebies (who doesn't love freebies?) and access to my insider Wealthy affiliate video review so you'll know if it's for you before you join!



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